The Untrained Mechanic

Alexandria Torres

If you have been through the manufacturer-dealership gauntlet with a lemon vehicle, you probably wondered why they didn’t simply fix the problem and let you get on with your life. You didn’t start your day thinking, how can I get the manufacturer, or this %$%^$& dealership to pay. You’d be […]

Some Valuable Tips For the Selection of a Laptop Bag

Computers were established from the concept of computing. During these days more advanced computers are introduced known as laptops. These computers revolutionized mobile computing. Mobile computing means that you can do your work anywhere. During these days the demand of the mobile computers has increased. With the increase in the […]

Seven Characteristics of a Good IT Vendor

You may be thinking about hiring an information technology vendor to manage and support your business computer system. Maybe you have grown tired of doing the work yourself, or maybe the vendor you now have isn’t satisfactory. Here are seven characteristics to look for in your technology support partner: 1.    […]