A Successful Logo Designer – Taught Or Talented?

Alexandria Torres

My article title is a simple question but I would like to elaborate it further to help find a reasonable answer. People who have been in this industry for so long are not sure on what makes a successful logo…a degree or creative skills?

Lately, surveys have proved Graphic Design to be one of the most demanding and famous career choices. Number of students graduate from design schools every year but only few of them turn out to be successful designers. They all get their degrees but why only some of them leave their marks in the industry?

It is all because lessons and degrees can “sharpen” one’s skills to a certain level of perfection but it is the inner gifted spark which helps a designer go long way. However, in this advanced computer age anyone with a latest version of Adobe Creative Suite and a Mac book pro, can claim to be a logo designer but only few come up with great creations.

Short and sweet, a degree and few software on your laptop, are not enough to make you a successful logo designer. Design Degree and tools can help you learn the mechanics, concepts, and theories of designing but they can’t add magic to your logo.

Please bear in mind that I do not claim degrees to be useless and accredit raw talent to be the only secret of a successful logo designer. After all, there is no way to skip the eternal trend of hiring designers on basis of their degrees and certificates. It’s a bitter truth that many talented designers fail to get jobs in established firms because they haven’t been to a reputable design school.

Who takes the award – Degree, Tools or Talent?

Many people believe that one should work hard and gets a degree to do wonders in a field while others are too confident about their creativity skills. Many also rely on the additional exposure and services provided by the internet advancement.

However, this was my perspective on the subject, but it is completely up to you to decide which characteristic makes a successful logo designer….Degrees, Tools or Talent?

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