Agile Methodology VS Traditional Software Development

In the software development industry, there are two main approaches that drive the project life-cycle. Traditional software development, also known as the Waterfall method, is a linear and structured approach that relies on processes to accomplish the end results. Agile methodology is a non-linear approach to software development that adapts […]

What Makes Software Testing Companies Essential?

When a dedicated software testing team is hired, the testers follow an unbiased approach to test the software for its overall performance and productivity. In the ever-growing IT services industry, exclusive testing companies have emerged as a reliable source for a product company to outsource their testing needs. From slicing […]

A Look at Idaho Child Support Calculation Software

The state legislature in Idaho is responsible for determining what factors go into the child support formulas. These guidelines are found in the Idaho Revised Statutes 25-320 and places a universal standard upon the family law courts when awarding support. Calculation software eases the burden for parents and family law […]