Importance of CIW Certification to the Professionals

CIW certification is also known as certified internet webmaster. This program is one of the globally accepted certifications that help the candidates to work for a reputed information technology organization. This program mainly deals with the tools that are required to the professionals to perform well in any working environment. […]

Welding Certification – Automotive ICAR Tests

I-CAR is a not for profit training organization for the Auto collision industry. Part of I-CAR’s training programs involve qualification tests for welding on automobiles. With modern cars utilizing uni-body design, it is important for any weld repair to be structurally sound. I-CAR offers 3 welder qualification tests at authorized […]

Seven Characteristics of a Good IT Vendor

You may be thinking about hiring an information technology vendor to manage and support your business computer system. Maybe you have grown tired of doing the work yourself, or maybe the vendor you now have isn’t satisfactory. Here are seven characteristics to look for in your technology support partner: 1.    […]

A Brief History of Cisco Certification Training

Alexandria Torres

Cisco Systems was founded in 1984 by a married couple named Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner. They were computer engineers employed at Stanford University near San Francisco, California. The name cisco, which was originally spelled using a small c, was taken from San Francisco. It created the first commercially successful […]