Change Your Beliefs

Our life is a reflection of our beliefs. It is from our beliefs that we form our attitudes and perceptions of the world. Our beliefs, attitudes and perceptions affect every area of our lives, where we live and work, our relationships, health, prosperity, etc.

Many times, even though we think we know what we want and may have a positive outlook on life, we don’t always get the outcome we desire. This is in large part because our unconscious beliefs do not support our conscious beliefs and intentions. Additionally, our environment, where we live and work, may not be supporting our conscious desires and intentions. We unwittingly sabotage ourselves by not being aware of the affects that our unconscious beliefs and our environment can have on us.

By combining feng shui, environmental energy balancing, personal energy balancing our unconscious mind can be brought into alignment with our conscious mind to support our intentions for a happier, healthier, more prosperous life. Having feng shui and environmental energy balancing done, means that your environment supports your new congruent beliefs. Personal energy clearing work further supports your overall well-being.

There are many other factors that contribute to our overall well being, such as the water that we drink and the food that we eat and the need for minimizing the harmful affects of EMF pollution.

We are constantly being bombarded by invisible, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR), commonly referred to as electro pollution.

These come from our cell phones, computers, home appliances, microwaves, televisions, etc.. Electromagnetic fields have electric and magnetic field components. While electric fields from most devices primarily affect the surface of the body, and do not penetrate to the internal organs, magnetic fields penetrate deeply into your cells, tissues, and vital organs. They can even induce electrical currents inside the body.

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