Gunn & Moore – Bat Ranges for 2010-2011 Season

The new Gunn & Moore DXM bat range is the result of a 5 year research programme into bat materials and manufacturing technology. The investment in the research has resulted in GM using superior wood conditioning. This has improved the stability and consistency of willow pre-production, a new paperless design which utilizes Computer Aid Design (CAD), improvements to the pressing operation and blade crafting by Advanced Computer Manufacturing (CAM). All DXM products are manufactured by GM, who implemented the findings of the research programme to produce innovative and high quality products. The Flare DXM, Apex DXM, Icon DXM and Hero DXM are Gunn & Moore’s latest cricket bats that make use of this production method.

The GM+ range are cricket bats of particular models, based on that particular model but manufactured bigger than the model they are based on. The + range comes standard with extended sweet spots.

Most GM cricket bats are treated with GM Dri-Guard, except for the poly coated bats. The Dri-Guard repels water from the toe area, preventing water absorption, which results in toe-swelling.

The Apex DXM is designed for batsman who favour playing with a controlled stroke. This impressive willow boasts a GM control grip, it has shaped edges at the drive zone, has an extreme lightweight design and is shaped into a GM Super Power Arc blade. South African captain endorses this bat.

The Flare DXM cricket bat is designed for all-round power. It has the GM control grip on the handle, flowing contoured edges in the frame, with weights built in at the edges of the bat and a GM Power Arc blade within the bat,which results in a very light pick up. Aussie, Shane Watson uses this cricket bat.

The Flare DXM+ is the bigger version of the Flare DXM which assist batsman in achieving exaggerated power. The phenomenal specs of this bat includes the Shock-Absorba grip on the handle, monsterous GM+ edges on the frame and a huge profile and sweet spot with the built-in GM Power Arc blade that produces a fantastic ping when connecting the ball. It is the bat of choice of South African middle order batsman, Ashwell Prince.

The Icon DXM bat is engineered to produce power. It features the GM Control grip, thick power edges along the frame, a high swell position, a lightweight design, has the GM Power Arc blade built into the bat and has a super concave profile and toe. The Icon DXM+ is the bigger brother of the Icon DXM. Similar to the Flare DXM+ in many ways, it also boasts a Shock-Absorba grip, massive GM+ edges, an extended sweet spot, a GM Power Arc blade, a high spine with a contoured profile and toe which produces a surprisingly light pick up. Herschelle Gibbs bats with the Icon DXM+.

Choosing the correct cricket bat is vitally important for any cricketers game. Visit our site and choose the correct bat suited for your individual game.

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