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Introduction: A career in IT is perhaps the most paying career once you have got the right skill and adequate experience. Have you ever wondered how can you have a career rich in every aspect just when you have done with the graduation with no experience in your hand? Even if you ever have not, it is time that you start thinking about ICDL certification to sharpen your IT skill and stand tall in front of all the hirers around the world to get a white collar job. ICDL sets you as an exalted candidate for the following jobs:

· System administrator.
· ICT Manager
· ICT trainer
· ICT Troubleshooter.

Description:You can have a wide horizon to choose your program and you would certainly come up with quite fruitful results at the end bringing you closer to the following domains:

a. Web Development
b. Internet & Email
c. ICT technologies

Different ICDL Certifications: ICDL certification has a distinct way of analyzing all the candidates as to maintain the standards. There are 10 programs mainly that take a candidate from the starter level that is the introductory level, moves on to the advanced level and rises up to the professional level. The numbers of options available are:

  1. EqualSkill: This is a simple introduction of how to use internet and email to get the most out of both the tools, the simplest of all the certifications.
  2. E-citizen: Another of the basic programs that lets you has a clear picture of how does both the internet and email work. This gets you an excellent understanding of how to make the best out of both the services.
  3. ICDL: ICDL is the basic certification that gives you a knowledge of how does your computer works and you get the practical skills of how to use computer and different applications.
  4. ICDL Advanced: This skill set gives you certification about the advanced tools and applications to be used in combination with your computer to get the best out of both.
  5. ICDL CAD: ICDL Computer Aided Design is the certification enabling you to use your computer to a comparative advanced degree and produce better results in designing different stuff.
  6. ICDL WebStarter: This certification gives you with the basic yet essential skills that you would want to design, create and maintain a website around the online world.
  7. ICDL ImageMaker: This program gives you skill to play around with photos. You learn the photo manipulation tools through this program.
  8. ICDL Health: The program is suited for people who need to learn systems that are relevant to patient data applications.
  9. EUCIP: The certification for professionals and IT practitioners to get the best out of your skills. This certification is excellent for fresh graduates as well to get a boost right at the moment when you enter the professional market.
  10. CTP: This certification enables you to become and ICT trainer that would let you train people to use the ICT technologies.

Benefits of ICDL certifications:

ICDL certification or the ECDL certification as known in your local area is something of great concern to people from the ICT industry. It is perhaps a measurement of your skills and information about ICT tools and the result demonstrates your skill on the basis of standardization to the global hirers with respect to your knowledge. This enhances your competency in the potential employers any company would consider while hiring and you would be in the frontline.

The use of technology becomes a lot more productive once you have completed the ICDL certifications and you have a genuine proof that you know the ICT skills quite a lot. This would open a number of new opportunities for you in the professional arena and you would be set equal to the ones with experience post their education even if you are an ICDL certified fresh graduate seeking a job in the market. The certification is certainly a great help when it comes to employment opportunities. The world of ICT needs qualified professionals who know how to make the best use of ICT as tools and the certification is nothing but a demonstration to that.

Once you have completed ICDL certification, you can become any one of the following:

  1. Basic web developer
  2. System Administrator with an ICT graduation
  3. Authorized ICDL trainer to train people.

Clearing the certification:
The certification has been designed in the most appropriate way ensuring standards equal and exalted in every aspect. ICDL has standardized a specific courseware that is the key to the whole certification. The combination of the courseware and proper training enables you to move through the testing system. Once you are through the test of 45 minutes, you are ICDL certified open to face all the challenges in the world of ICT.

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