Repairing Slow Running Computers

As the field of science and technology move towards greater advancements, the computers become more advanced and complex. It is very important for a user to understand that how exactly his computer is working and what all applications are installed into his computer. Every computer becomes slow after a particular period of time as most number of files starts to use the memory and space provided by the computer. As a result of this, the time taken by it to complete a task is increased and the performance of the computer declines to great extent and most users’ witness that their computer is running slow.

When people surf the internet the temporary internet folder gets filled with the temporary internet files which comes from the internet and are used for surfing. This is also called the cache memory of the computer where all the temporary internet files are stored. This eats up most of the computers memory which makes it real slow. So to avoid this situation, it is better suggested to empty the temporary internet folder from time to time so that the memory would be freed from all these temporary files and the system will remain fast.

Moreover, there are various types of Trojan, worms, viruses and other mal-ware programs present on the internet. These programs eat up most of the memory of the computer and do not allow other applications to use the memory required to complete their task. So it is better to use a good anti virus or anti mal-ware software to search for all these unwanted programs and remove them permanently from the system. This would free all the memory that has been eaten up by these malicious programs and hence the system will once again become fast and as it would be cleaned completely, its performance would also increase greatly.

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