MG has a time saving tip for electric car recharging

If you buy an electric car you’re mistaken if you think that refueling it to 100% each time is the best thing to do.

That’s because petrol or diesel flows out of a bowser into your car tank at the same rate all the way through, from the first few drops to the end when the tank is full.

Electric cars are different and a MG Motor Australia spokesperson explains why:

“Like most other EVs’, we suggest charging to 80% State-of-Charge (SOC) because EVs essentially require the same amount of time to reach 100% from 80% as they do to reach 80% from 0%. This allows maximum output in the shortest period of time.”

“Additionally, lithium-Ion batteries work longest and perform their best when they are within the mid-range of charge. This helps manage the longevity of the battery and allows it to perform at its optimal level.”

“The ZS EV defaults to 80% state of charge to maintain battery life, however, you can adjust this up to 100% if you’re preparing for a longer drive”

So the TLDR version of that advice is while you can charge your electric car to 100% occasionally eg from a home socket before a long road trip, it’s healthier for the battery and doesn’t waste so much of your time at the recharge point if you stop at 80% charge instead.

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