Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS Photo Recovery

Alexandria Torres

The Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS is one of the few compact cameras on the market today that offer features usually found in larger models, like stabilized zoom. Considered to be an integration of technology and art, its sleek design and gentle curves collaborate with its excellent specifications. However, there are times when the end user will face difficulties out of their control, like hardware and other peripheral malfunctions, that often lead to data loss. If you have lost or accidentally deleted pictures from your Canon Powershot SD1300 IS, this guide will show you how to recover your photos easily.

In this article we will be using Photo Retrieval 1.70 for Windows, however there are many other efficient recovery programs available, including Disk Doctors Photo Recovery, and Wondershare Photo Recovery all for both Windows and Mac and Power Photo Recovery by Systemas for Windows only. We are using Photo Retrieval 1.70 because it features a wide range of support for different types of photo files and camera brands.

After you notice that some or all of your photos are missing, immediately remove the SD card from the camera. If you continue to use the SD card, you risk writing over your lost data, and lowering chances of a full data recovery.

Next, download Photo Retrieval 1.70 and install it onto your PC.

After the program has been installed, the next step is to connect your SD card using a card reader, or in its absence directly connect through the USB connection of your camera.

After the computer recognizes the SD card (even if it appears empty), open the program, and a photo recovery wizard will assist you throughout the recovery process. It will automatically detect plugged in devices and scan them. Photo Retrieval will then provide a preview of the all the photos to be restored.

Now, precautions are indeed better than solutions so in order to avoid such device malfunctions in the future be sure to bring a spare set of batteries and SD cards. Remember to change SD cards often as you never want to keep too many “eggs” in one “basket”. Also, always use an SD card reader in case connecting the camera directly to the pc fails. Heres to getting your pictures back!

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