Computer Speed – How Can I Improve Computer Performance?

Alexandria Torres

If you are thinking of changing your computer because of its bad performance, may be you need to try some simple steps to improve computer performance which will not cost you anything. May be the steps to improve computer performance will help you think about the decision to change the computer. The computer can perform much better than you think you if take good care of it.

  • Leave your main drive enough space
  • Storing minimum amount of data in the main drive (where you install your windows operating system) will give windows a lot of space to work and will certainly improve the computer performance. Try installing games and other software in other drives of the computer and not filling up the main drive with files.

  • Increasing Windows virtual memory
  • Increasing windows virtual memory can help boost your computer performance. However it is advised that you never exceed the maximum limit given. It can be done by going to My computer / properties/ advanced / performance settings/ virtual memory.

  • Turn off system restore option
  • The system restore option is turned on then it will take a lot of space from the hard drive. Disabling system restore can free a lot of physical memory. Cleaning the prefetch folder in windows file can also do good as it stores many files in it which are less important. This can be done in a regular basis which will help in a consistent performance of the computer.

  • cleaning the temporary files
  • Your browser speed can also be affected if the system is not cleaned of temporary internet files. Deleting temporary Internet files, cookies and cache will improve browser speed and performance as well as your system at the same time. It can be done manually by going to ‘tools’ in internet explorer and selecting ‘internet options’.

  • Managing Start up menu
  • Removing unwanted startup items will improve the booting speed of the computer and will certainly improve the processing speed as less number of programs will be started automatically by the computer.

  • Maintaining Your Disk
  • Defragmenting disks on a regular basis will certainly improve computer performance. This can be done just by right clicking on the drive and clicking ‘defragment now’ on the tools tab. There are many other steps which are little confusing. So such simple steps if done on a regular basis can maintain and improve computer performance by a noticeable margin.

  • Maintain Your Registry
  • Today Registry cleaner is as important as anti virus software as today we often use Internet and more programs. System registry is easily and quickly saturated with corrupt files that cause many errors. Maintaining system registry regularly in order to keep it clean can help maintain and even improve computer performance. Free registry cleaner scan is considered the fair way to first observe whether your registry is the problem of your slow computer.

I bet you would not try to do all those things manually if you know that there is a better way to optimize your computer. Automating all the tasks is smart move that is why people install a registry cleaner software on their system so they never have to worry about computer speed again.

You can as well adopt the smart solution, check out how can i improve computer speed for more information.

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